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eXer has 2 types of memberships

  • Basic Membership - FREE
  • Diamond Membership - one time investment of € 99

Miners register for FREE and can participate in the eXer mining program, with earnings from his/her own mining as well as for mining 5 levels down in his/her network.
Automatically a miner becomes a Basic Member, which also turns the miner into a ‘pending networker’. A ‘pending networker’ can register new Basic or Diamond members to his/her network and will automatically become a Diamond Member at registration of the 7th Diamond Member, without paying the one time investment.

A Diamond member enjoys many benefits through earnings on all activities in their network! They automatically qualify for earnings on all new products launched by eXer, they have the possibility to participate in investment projects and a lot more.

eXerGlobal – Affiliate program

We reward in 7 LVLs from 15-56 % payout to our members!

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